andermatt concert hall

With a brilliant concert, the Berliner Philharmoniker inaugurated the new Andermatt Concert Hall, designed by Studio Seilern Architects. Amadeus Active Acoustics was chosen by Kahle Acoustics to complement the architectural acoustics and add additional volume to this exclusive venue and make it true multipurpose. From symphony concerts to conferences, from events to chamber music performances everything is possible with the optimized presets of the Amadeus Active Acoustics System.

Pictures: Kanipak Photography / Roland Halbe



CCS Congress Center Suhl

The largest events and conference venue in Thuringia features amplified concerts, conferences and events. Therefore the natural acoustics are very dry to fit those multi-purpose needs. For the performance of unamplified symphony concerts Amadeus was chosen to add the missing envelopment and loudness, so important for the authentic interpretation of classical music.

Amadeus Active Acoustics scans the sound field with nearly invisible microphones. The sound events are then analyzed for their intensity and point of origin. Millions of reflections are calculated as if the walls would be much more reflective and diffuse. Those reflections are then reproduced by more than 100 speakers in the ceiling and side walls of the venue. Intensity, density, composition and tonal balance can be influenced by Amadeus ad libitum.

Pictures: Robert Kallenbach / CCS Suhl



HCC Hannover - kuppelsaal

The Kuppelsaal is Germany's largest concert hall with a capacity of 3500 seats. AMADEUS is used to add clarity, proximity and loudness to this huge and reverberant space. The opening night Sir John Eliot Gardiner conducted the London Symphony Orchestra and was intrigued by the result. He knew the hall from the past and was impressed how well every nuance transmitted to the audience and to the fellow musicians.



congress centrum alpbach

The Congress Centrum Alpbach hosts the European Forum Alpbach, which is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture. It connects international decision-makers from all sectors of society with an interested audience and committed young people. AMADEUS was chosen for their new multi-purpose hall to be at the forefront of technology. It is used for concerts, theatre performances, speech lift in conference applications, 3D Audio playback and surround sound cinema projections.


007 Elements

007 ELEMENTS is a cinematic installation dedicated to the world of James Bond. It is located 3000 metres above sea level on the top of Gaislachkogel mountain. AMADEUS was used to create an immersive journey through a series of high-tech, interactive galleries, each equipped with a custom-designed 3D Audio speaker system to reproduce the signature elements of the James Bond universe.

Pictures: Bergbahnen Sölden; Photograph Kristopher Grunert




Next to the Neusiedler Lake, the St. Margarethen Quarry is an UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape. At the same time it is Europe’s largest natural stage. It covers an area of 7.000 m2 and hosts nearly 5000 opera lovers. This years production - Mozart’s Magic Flute - was a huge success and attracted more than 91.000 spectators with an occupany rate of 93%.

AMADEUS created the perfect acoustical setting for this Open Air production. More than 100 speakers were installed to establish an immersive journey throughout the opera. The positions of the actors were tracked in realtime and a virtual opera hall was created around the audience. Also soundscapes and different special effects augmented the dialog parts. Virtual birds were buzzing around Papageno acoustically, cave effects, thunders and fire effects where created.

Pictures: Thomas Ludwig



maria de buenos aires - graz opera

For this complex opera production with a stage width of more than 30 meters AMADEUS created an immersive experience for the audience. The positions of the actors were tracked in realtime and AMADEUS produced a dense reflection pattern with more than 60 speakers surrounding the audience. Also the orchestra was projected to the whole width of the stage keeping the soloists close to the orchestra what was essential to make the sensitive timing of the tango music work, while delivering a spectacular wide image of the orchestra.



Photo: Werner Kmetitsch



Emperors and kings used to bask in the glow of the horse ballets. Here, the high art of classical dressage, the grandeur of baroque music and the dramatic art of the opera form a perfect blend. The styriarte sets out to bring this form of art back to life with “La Margarita”, a story about the fabulous hero Heracles and the tempting Golden Apple of the Hesperides.

The major austrian newspaper der Standard writes:

The fact that the music forms the center of attention is due to the sound system AMADEUS, which produces three-dimensional sound scenes. In fact even subtleties of the musical interpretation arrive at the audience, which is unusual for this open-air setting - Pleasing also the balance between instrumentalists and singers.



opening Wiener Festwochen 2017

Each year The Wiener Festwochen are celebrating their opening at the Rathausplatz in Vienna. Mistress of ceremonies and hostess of this musical show in 2017 was  Conchita Wurst.
Her symphonic concerts, whether at the Linz Brucknerhaus or the Sydney Opera House, have been jubilant festivals. Together with the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Conchita encountered the incomparable variety that has made the city of Vienna unique for so many centuries.

Together with speakers by d&b audiotechnik AMADEUS created a virtual concert hall around the audience. It helped to bring space to the orchestra mix and made room for the band mix in the frontal speaker system.