amadeus core

The Amadeus Core consists of bullet proof server hardware running the Amadeus proprietary DSP software. It offers redundant power supplies and redundant bidirectional 128CH Dante or Madi Audio Interface. For further redundancy a second system can be installed in redundant mode. The overall latency does not exceed 5ms. It can be remote controlled via webbrowser, DAW plugin, IPAD or custom switch panels. For remote maintenance it offers a specific remote management port. Below you can find schematic drawings of the Amadeus Active Acoustics and the Amadeus Show Acoustics System.  


Amadeus Active Acoustics provides acoustic enhancement for live music and speech in a multi-purpose venue, concert hall or theatre. Depending on the passive room acoustics the creation and design of virtually every acoustic environment can be realized. In addition a virtual orchestra shell can be created and the loudness of music ensembles or speech can be enhanced.


Amadeus Show Acoustics provides 3D sound source spatialization with accurate localization and total immersion for indoor and outdoor venues. Continuous movements of live inputs or playback channels in a 3D Space with the addition of a virtual acoustic space are only one feature. In addition virtual speaker simulations for cinema screenings and presentations can be realized. 3D content can be recorded and stored in the system - Remote control via IPAD or dedicated DAW plugin


AND this is how it looks like…